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What ’s Your Why? (For Social Workers and Other Humans)

Of the many pieces of knowledge my best social work professor stuffed into my head this year, this is my favorite. What’s your why? It asks, in essence, why are you doing what you’re doing? What’s driving you? What’s the point of all this? Clearly...
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The horrifying thought of becoming a blogger

  I’m starting a new career. I need a new website to go with it. Why a website? Simply to...
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How to win a Pulitzer Prize – The Writer

How to win a Pulitzer Prize – The Writer.
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Nonfiction is true. Fiction is not. Learn the difference.

Susan Kushner Resnick | What Dont You Understand About The Word NON? | The Nervous Breakdown.
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He Saved Me, Too: the story of an unlikely friendship – Lifestyle – The Boston Globe

He Saved Me, Too: the story of an unlikely friendship – Lifestyle – The Boston Globe.
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A lovely review by Judy Bolton-Fasman

THE BOOMER AND THE HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR – review by Judy Bolton-Fasman Boom goes my generation with all of the energy...
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Book reviewers rock

Click on the above headline to go to blog post. (or the sentence below) Many thanks to the New York...
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Another star: be still my grateful heart

You Saved Me, Too has received a starred review from Kirkus. The professionals say this is a big deal. I...
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With endless gratitude

This is the best thing that’s ever happened in my whole, stinkin’ writing life. PW review
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Nose, eye, ear, fluff: All you need to be a dog.

    I’m home from my New York literary field trip where I observed the following: 1) The old ladies...