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#12 onThe New York Times ebook bestseller list!

You Saved Me, Too is also the sixth bestselling ebook memoir  this week, after some pretty heavy hitters! It’s also the SECOND bestselling Jewish book, right after Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search For Meaning.”

Thank you readers of electronic and paper books. Aron would be thrilled.



  1. Thank you for this book Susan. I just finished it & enjoyed the journey with you & Aron. I love that you wrote “he won” to Adolf! Your style is very smart & sassy – I’m going to recommend this to my Book Club when it’s my turn again. My daughter (32 & gorgeous) was dating a young Jewish man (he broke up because feels he needs to marry a Jewish girl) & became very interested in all things Jewish. I had her read Exodus, & she has now ordered this book. Thank you again!

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