Susan Kushner Resnick

Sleepless Days


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It’s temporary. That’s what I kept reading in books and hearing from my therapist. That’s what the gentle women who ran support groups for new mothers and who graciously took my frantic phone calls kept telling me. It’s temporary. You’ll get over it. Don’t worry, And by the way, you’re not going crazy.

They were right, of course. The illness was temporary and I’m fine now. I didn’t go crazy, but for a while I was certain that I was on my way. I went through the motions of living normally: getting dressed in the morning, chauffeuring my children around and feeding them three times a day, letting the muddy Airedale in and out whenever she barked. But inside, I wasn’t right.

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"An articulate and harrowing account...Grounded in vivid detail, Resnick's heartfelt memoir will reassure others who suffer from PPD that the condition, though serious, is treatable and temporary."

-- Publishers Weekly

"Susan Kushner Resnick has written a real page-turner, a fast-paced, terrifying stroy of one woman's descent into a type of depression little discussed, little known, but here, finally, illuminated in prose that rings clear and sharp."

--Lauren Slater, author of Prozac Diary, Lying and Welcome To My Country

"Susan Kushner Resnick's memoir does that important job of allowing the reader to enter the life and mind of a woman who is living with postpartum depression. The book is beautifully written--vivid, absorbing, full of charm."

-- Jane Bernstein, author of Bereft and Loving Rachel

"At last, the women of America have a voice breaking through the mythology surrounding postpartum depression. Susan Kushner Resnick has written from her heart and soul about the neglected issue of child-bearing mood disorders."

-- Jane Honikman, founder of Postpartum Support International

"This is a meticulously reported and passionate memoir which is must-reading not just for women who suffer with this underdiagnosed malady, but -- especially -- for the doctors who too often fail to treat them."

-- Tracy Thompson, author of The Beast