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Wifes on Kindle

I just learned that Goodbye Wifes and Daughters is available on Kindle. This is very exciting to me, though I wish I could see it in its Kindleness. I might be forced to buy one. This link should bring you to the Kindle store, which I’ve also just discovered.


  1. Hello Susan…my mother just picked up a Kindle after emptying three bookcases of weighty hardcovers and donating them. I think I’ll pick up a Kindle copy for her for the holidays, but not before grabbing a copy myself when you’re in Montana later this month at the book festival in Missoula. I’ll try to introduce myself.
    I have enjoyed taking a look around your site, and this read seems very intriguing…you stumbled onto an interesting place in Montana. There’s so many seemingly forgotten places out West, with so many compelling stories…part of the alluring charm and enigma of the nooks and crannies of that part of the country — especially in what I refer to as the “cowboy corridor” stretching from Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas up through the Great Plains states, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming into Montana.
    Best of luck with the book tour, and we’ll chat soon.
    Paul Sweum

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