The most disgusting food in the whole, wide world is…

False advertising


…HEAD CHEESE. It is a deli product. It is a collection of MEAT from the HEAD of a mammal. Cow? Pig? I didn’t ask. I was too stunned after the counterwoman told me that the MEAT is suspended in GELATIN.
Apparently, people pay money for this product. Then they eat it – in sandwiches.
I have two comments:
1) This is undoubtedly the grossest “FOOD” in the world.




  1. Stephen Knipstein

    It is gross, but have you considered BLOOD SAUSAGE??? Yep, that’s another deli favorite!!!

  2. CHEESE?!?!? is RIGHT!!!!
    But then….
    I eat Rocky Mountain Oysters happily, with no qualms.
    I think it may be a cultural thing.
    Or just habit.
    I’ve always wondered about head cheese, though…
    Thank you for addressing this very puzzling misnomer!

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