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The horrifying thought of becoming a blogger


I’m starting a new career. I need a new website to go with it. Why a website? Simply to serve as a vehicle for publishing blog posts.

Blog posts???

Those of you who knew me in my writer/professor days may remember when I mocked bloggers. Why? Because I believe if you put all your writerly energy into a blog post, you’ll have no need to find a legitimate, paying publisher. You’ll bang out your post and feel satisfied, then go watch TV. But who will actually read your words? Or pay you for writing them? Or respect you as a member of the literary community? You know the answers to all of those questions.

When I wasn’t mocking bloggers for wasting their talent and energy, I was expressing appreciation for them, for this reason: every dedicated blogger meant one less person vying for real publication space.

I still believe those things are true for pure writers trying to break in to the business. Very few will get there via blogs. But what about those of us who aren’t “writers?” Or who can’t shed that skin completely, but no longer need  the ego boost of publication? What about those of us who simply have something to say once in a while? Those of you doing something to help others in the world?


If I were a regular blogger, I would blog about the following:

*Why I’m becoming a social worker.

*What it’s like to be the oldest kid in the room.

*Deciding against fear.

*Foster care.

*Mothers who can’t get out of their own way no matter how much they love their kids.

*The appalling disregard for grammar and spelling in the social work world.

*Why the state repainted our DCF office walls the same color, a color that should be called Palest Despair. Or, Snuffed Out Sunshine.

You get the idea.

Should I blog?

(Bloggers always end with a question!!!)



  1. Yes, blog!
    Here’s what my computer savvy son told me for when I can’t figure out how to do something tech-y. Go to Google, type in your question intuitively, just the way you’d ask someone, ex: “How do I change a photo on a WordPress blog?” And up will pop several good links to directions. Always works for me.
    Good luck on all fronts!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I’ve tried that, but I still get overwhelmed. What WP theme do you use?

  2. Yes, you should definitely blog. You have a lot of valuable things to say. (And I agree with you about the appalling disregard of grammar and spelling today–it’s not confined to the social work world–it’s everywhere, and I’d love to read your thoughts on it.

    1. got it! but I still need help operating this site!

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