I am woman, hear me redesign a website

Before I found my beyond fabulous website builder, I was temporarily muted by an old site that was woefully out of style. I had words to write, but posting an authentic social work post would have been like going out in public wearing a twin set.(1) Not happening.

Instead, I wrote about my short but annoying quest to hire a skilled website builder, which led me to an actual skilled website builder!

Here’s the history. First I asked for help on my last blog post. Contacts were offered. Contacts were contacted. Contacts did not respond. Then I asked for help on Facebook pages that poor grad students frequent. I know they or their friends have web experience. I know they need money – I’ve seen them hoard the free pizza at school events. Nothing. Then I posted a request on a professional social work website. Actual web builders offered to help! So exciting! I researched them. One had a glitch on her own website – um, no thanks. Another seemed great, but didn’t respond to my enthusiastic groveling for a bid.

Then I stopped asking. If you offer to help, then don’t help, why would I want to beg you? As I could imagine my friend Marcus saying: I ain’t chasing none of y’all down.

I thought the universe was telling me to figure it out myself. I knew if I read a million online articles about WordPress and picked up the phone for human help a few times, I’d figure out how to reboot my website. Possibly even begin to feel comfortable using words like reboot (also: widget and plug-in – WTF language is this?). I knew I could do it. I calculated a budget this year – in Excel! I got an A on my finance/management/math paper. I survived a semester-long group project with millennials.(2)

I am woman, hear me roar.(3)

Then someone I barely know offered to help. We had connected on social media after she read a book I wrote about helping someone else. So, here’s what we can all learn from this little experience:

Karma works.

Things happen when you stop asking.

Nice people still exist.

But we knew all that anyway, right?


Footnotes (yeah, I’ll learn to do these properly, too…)

1) A twinset involves a sleeveless sweater and a matching cardigan sweater designed to be worn together. Originally hot fashion in the 1930s, resurrected in the 1950s and again in the 1990s. Despite hanging in there as a fashion do until about 5 years ago, the beloved twinset is currently on a much-needed sabbatical.

2) I would worry that millennial quip would insult my former group members, but they won’t read this. They hate me.

3) Famous feminist refrain first roared in 1972 by soft-rock badass Helen Reddy, a woman so uncool that she’s ripe for a major comeback.