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My latest nonfiction book, You Saved Me, Too, is different from my previous one, in many ways. For one thing, I don’t think there were any swears (cusses, curse words – whatever you call them in your part of the world) in Goodbye Wifes and Daughters, the true story of a 1943 coal mine disaster. Well, maybe a heck or a damn. But definitely nothing stronger. And there weren’t any Jews in GWD. Or Cherry Lifesavers.

What the books have in common, of course, is my attitude. I hate bullies. I hate injustice. I hate unkindness and bad manners. Maybe (hopefully!) everyone does. But when I get revved up about an issue, I’m compelled to write a book about it. I hope this is a good trait. Since it takes a bit longer to write a book than a blog post, I will be spouting off here when I have something urgent to say about kindness, or lack thereof. I’ll also be writing about my upcoming book tour, and anything else that must be expressed through words.

I’ve been told that all of my books make people cry. I’m sorry about that – sort of. By which I mean: I’m sorry for messing up your mascara or your tough-guy demeanor, but I’m not sorry for provoking an emotion. I believe we need more honesty about what’s sad and unfair in our culture, not less. But we also need more laughter, so I hope You Saved Me, Too will make you chuckle. Its main character, Aron Lieb, certainly cracked me up for years. Photos of him will soon be up on the site, too.

Have a great day. Be kind to a stranger.




  1. I am so glad you are blogging…as glad that you are writing stories about injustice and cussing people.
    I love your writing…always have.
    Welcome to the blogorama life, amiga.

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