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Good vs. Evil, Boston style

Not only did they fail to scare or harm us, but they lost their voice. Good prevailed.
Social Work

A Good Problem To Have

When I started grad school last year, I had no idea what kind of job I wanted when I graduated....
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What ’s Your Why? (For Social Workers and Other Humans)

Of the many pieces of knowledge my best social work professor stuffed into my head this year, this is my...

I am woman, hear me redesign a website

Before I found my beyond fabulous website builder, I was temporarily muted by an old site that was woefully out of...
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The horrifying thought of becoming a blogger

  I’m starting a new career. I need a new website to go with it. Why a website? Simply to...
Mental Health

A call from the past: Guest Post

I wrote a guest post on Pete Earley’s site: The call came thirty-three years after I’d stopped hoping for it. “Hey,...
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Boots, rock, life

The essay below is about turning 50, not killing yourself, cowboy boots and rock and roll.  It was originally published...
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#12 onThe New York Times ebook bestseller list!

You Saved Me, Too is also the sixth bestselling ebook memoir  this week, after some pretty heavy hitters! It’s also the SECOND...
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Soul Mate 101: Don’t Marry Him | Full Grown People

Soul Mate 101: Don’t Marry Him | Full Grown People. By Susan Kushner Resnick My soul mate’s hand was warm,...
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How to win a Pulitzer Prize – The Writer

How to win a Pulitzer Prize – The Writer.