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The horrifying thought of becoming a blogger

This website is really hard to use. I don’t know how to swap out that picture of me looking one-dimensional. I don’t know how to amend the pretentious “author” subhead. I don’t even know how to move the blog stuff to the book position. Do …

Marking the Transition

As you can see from the post below, I’ve just published a guest blog post on Pete Earley’s wonderful website. His generosity in sharing my piece comes during my first week of classes at Boston College’s School of Social Work, where I’m working towards a master’s …

A call from the past: Rooting for the man behind the mental illness. – Pete Earley

(9-1-16)    By Susan Resnick  Guest Post The call came thirty-three years after I’d stopped hoping for it. “Hey, it’s Nick,” he said. “Can you file a Freedom of Information request for my FBI files?” No last name, no context. He acted as though we’d …